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About us

1Checkin is an international startup within the aviation industry, focused on the development of innovative technology and value-adding services. We love to solve problems, and make life easier for people. The startup‘s founding father is aviation-fan Anton Murashov.

Our mission was set the moment we started helping frequent flyers to automatically get checked-in for their flights, solving the pain of pre-flight online check-in. Today we have made our automated check-in system available to travel distributors and corporations from all over the world.

We recently launched our mobile APP, and are currently working on implementing a series of real life-easening services aimed at frequent flyers, in order to create THE ultimate moblie application for people that fly often.

Management Team

Founder and Advisor
  • Entrepreneur and hedge-fund owner
  • Harvard Business School
  • Machine learning guru
  • Financial markets expert
  • Aviation Fan
  • Business development & digitalization
  • Serial entrepreneur
  • Musician
Head of Sales
  • Penza state university
  • 10+ years in IT sales management
  • Never arrives late
CTO & co-founder
  • Moscow institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT)
  • 15+ years of IT development & management experience
  • Machine learning guru
  • Successful digital business owner
Lead developer
  • Moscow State University
  • 10+ years in IT development
  • Ex-CTO and co-founder of Sportchat (sport messenger)
  • Italy fan
Alex Ivanov
Head of mobile
  • Moscow State University
  • 13+ years in IT development
  • Mobile applications guru (Android & iOS)
  • Machine learning & Artificial Intelligence engineer
  • Always finds a solution


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